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What is iGENUS?

iGENUSMail is a standards-based webmail interface package for qmail + vpopmail ,written in PHP4. It has very few requirements and is very easy to configure and install. iGENUSMail has a all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support ( very nice! ), multi-language support (include english, chinese GB ,chinese Big5, ,japanese, etc.), address books, and folder manipulation( in the future).

Why did you guys create iGENUSMail? The need arose in our organization for the access of email and address books from anywhere in the world. Obviously a web interface is ideal for this, given that the user has access to the Internet. As you are on the road, you can manage your mails at any Internet Cafe, ISP's showroom, or even at your friend's house. Most important, you don't have to setup anything.We decided to open source the project to contribute to the community that has contributed so much to us. Since then, it has grown much bigger than we
ever imagined, and we have an awesome development team who are actively working on the project.


  • Apache 1.3.1 or higher
  • PHP4.0 or higher with buildin MySql / IMAP modules
  • MySQL 3.22 or higher
  • qmail 1.03
  • vpopmail-4.8 or higher buildin MySql support

We would love to hear from you! The nature of open source projects make it hard to know who all is using your product. It is always nice when we get emails from people just telling us that they're using iGENUSMail. If you have a few minutes, any suggest, please send us an email to let us know!

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